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Thursday, December 7, 2006 - best and cheapest way to legally download music online

I stumbled across a few weeks ago and am quite impressed with it. Instead of being charged $1 per song each song is priced, from what I can tell, on a demand type of scale. Take for example the new Oasis Greatest Hits CD 'Stop the Clocks'. This CD has 18 songs on it and if you were to buy that through iTunes I believe it would run you $18. Looking at this CD on, you can download the whole album for $3.57. Now I am no mathematician, but I believe that is a little bit better of a deal. Out of that $3.57 you have blockbuster songs like 'Champagne Supernova' at 30 cents while other more obscure songs like 'Songbird' are set at 10 cents. And on top of all of this the songs come in mp3 format and not in some pesky licensed format. Now there is one small downfall and that is selection. They have not built up there selection to that of iTunes or some of the other music providers, but if you listen to mainstream music you will have no problem and I have been pretty impressed with some of the more obscure selections that they have. The bottom line is that Allofmp3 is the way to go when buying music online. Check it out!

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