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Monday, December 18, 2006

Just for Jeff.....

Here are some pictures of the cake that I baked for my girlfriend's birthday. Unfortunately there is a lot of powdered sugar on the cake and it is starting to misshape because of the warm climate. I don't think these are the best angles either, but they will have to do.

The cake decoration is made out of marzipan and food coloring. Marzipan is made out of sugar and almonds and is commonly used for cake and other culinary decorations. The inside of the cake is chocolate cake with chocolate chips and layered with chocolate icing and raspberry filling (raspberry preserves).
I used to be a Pastry Chef at Tony's Meats and Specialty Foods when I was in high school. There I learned to decorate cakes among other things and it wasn't until I saw the TV show Ace of Cakes that I decided to rekindle my interest in cakes. This was my first attempt with limited utensils and overall I was happy with the final product. I once thought about doing this as a side job/hobby but we can all see that I need a lot more work before I try to tackle that.

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I want some cake.