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Monday, December 4, 2006

Re-Post: Plummer vs. Cutler

(11/27)I can't say that I am the Snake's #1 fan, but I can say that I am a little nervous with Shanahan's decision this late in the season. We still have a very competitive record in the AFC West and we still are big contenders for a playoff spot. I agree that Jake has not had a great season but is now the time to be juggling players? Could this cost us a playoff birth? I hope Cutler is the answer, but I am very interested to see what happens if Sunday doesn't go as planned.

(12/4)Exactly what I thought, Cutler may be the answer in the long-run but he probably isn't the answer for this season. I know he isn't going to be great right away and that he will have his bad games when starting out....I understand that....but we shouldn't be doing that in the middle of the season when we are competing for a playoff spot. Bad call Shanahan


Zach said...

Shanahan may have blown the playoff shot for this year. But the important question to ask is 'did the Broncos have a chance in the playoffs to do! anything else but just make it there?' It may have not been the best time to switch plummer for Cutler but when is a good time. Hopefully we'll have enough expereince from Cutler to be a better force next year.

Or amybe it's just the kick in the pants Jake needs to get back into his prime

S1m0n said...

Good point, but I still think we shouldn't have started Cutler until we knew we didn't have a playoff chance or at the beginning of next season.

You also have to remember that this is not only a Football team but also a business.....and just going to the playoffs is huge from a business standpoint