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Friday, December 8, 2006

Red vs. Blue

I know many of you may not be Halo fans but this isn't your blog, it's mine, and you will listen to everything I have to say.

Many of you may have already seen these episodes of Red vs Blue while others may have not. So for a quick lazy Friday post I am going to show you an episode of Red vs Blue and then show you why I picked this particular episode.

The episode that I am going to show you is the second installment of the Red vs Blue series. In this episode they talk about the vehicle known as a Warthog and one of the guys keeps talking about how it looks more like a Puma. Check out the video it is pretty funny

So, the reason I showed you this particular episode is that in a recent still image of Halo 3 the folks at Bungie made reference to this episode by placing Puma brand tires on the Warthog. I thought this was a pretty cool way to show their fan appreciation.

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