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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Rocky and Rambo IV- When will the madness end?

Since when is OK to keep making sequels of previously horrible movies? I figured that Hollywood or the general public would have outlawed that by now. But no, we let Sly come back with the only two roles he knows how to do, Rocky and Rambo. And on top of that it is 30 years later!!! So not only is Rocky not going to block any punches, he will also be incredibly flabby like the return of Hulk Hogan! We can't keep letting this happen! I figured since no one has cast him in 10 years, because he absolutely sucks as an actor, he would just give up! Nope, he found a way around it. He realized that if no one wanted him in their movies he could torture us by producing his own movies....and do you know what is even crazier than that? Someone is actually financially and morally supporting him on this! What's next 'Over the Top II' or 'The Return of Tango and Cash'!? I just have one word for this whole situation - FUBAR!

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