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Friday, December 1, 2006

Work Pet Peeve #1

I am going to whine for a little bit. For some of you, you might think this is silly or that I am a very angry person. But for others, hopefully you will feel my pain and maybe even sympathize.....

This morning I came strolling in to the office early and in a fairly good mood. I see the usual front-desk guard, smile and say hi to him as I walk to the elevator. As I go to get on the elevator I look back and notice a woman entering the building and heading for the elevators. So I kinda hurry into the elevator and press the “6” button in hopes that the doors will close before she can get on. I want to make it clear that I am not an impersonal social retard or a complete prick, but I do like to ride on the elevator by myself if possible ….that way I can do childish things like jumping and dancing. Anyways, the doors are closing, closing, closing and then…wham…this bodiless hand reverses the elevator doors which reveals the woman I had seen before. I smile and give her the “oh I am sorry, I would have….blah blah” bullsh*t excuse and she smiles back and gives me the same “oh don’t worry about it…blah blah” bullsh*t. Now, I am not going to lie this kinda took my mood down a notch but she did nothing wrong, it was fair game and she made a good play. I am starting to get over it, but then she gets on the elevator and presses the “2” button. Totally confused, I scan for an oxygen tank, heart monitor, crutches or anything else that would keep this able person from using the stairs for just one floor. Nothing…Ding! we are at the 2nd floor already (surprise!) and she caps it all off by giving me the fake flight attendant “Have a good day!” and exits the elevator. I stood there in complete shock. Now, I can handle someone stopping the elevator and jumping on it, but not if it is for one floor. Nothing pisses me off more than people using the elevator to go up or down one floor. Now many would point out that I could take the stairs too. That is a valid point and sometimes I do, but I think we would all agree that climbing up six flights of stairs is a little different than one. I can break a sweat hiking to the sixth floor; you can’t even burn 3 calories walking up to the first! This should not be tolerated; it should be made into a law: Do not use the elevator for going up or down one floor unless you are physically unable to. Violation will result in a verbal beating as well as a mild shaking.

…and I ‘m done :-)


Jeff said...

I have found you to be an angry person.

Angry, angry Simon.

S1m0n said...

not at all, I am just very opinionated :-)