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Monday, February 19, 2007

Top Ten Addictive Online Games

This is just an edited older post because I am lazy and it is Presidents day.

1 Line Rider
I had to put this one in there. I spent days and days playing this. Probably my favorite of all

2 Tower Defense
Highly Addictive. Kill the dots before they make it to your base. I think 72 is my high score.

3 Bowmaster
Defend your castle with your bow and arrow. Very Addicting

4 Sand
Why I played this for hours on end, I don't know. I don't even think there is an objective, but it is addictive.

5 Binball Wizard
Classic game of scoring the paper wad in the trash bin. Go IT industry!

6 Orbox B
Very Addictive mind game. I spent a few nights playing this one

7 3D Logic
A very addictive logic game. I got stuck on Level 17. You?

8 Iceblocks
Bust through a series of ice blocks. Very cool and addictive

9 Hapland
Figure out the series of events to finish the game. very addictive. Took me hours

10 Ice Slide
Shoot your animal across the ice and see how far it can slide.

Honorable Mention
-Samorost 2
A highly detailed and fun game
Highly addictive game. Very similar to Tower Defense but it has some added trickery to it.
-Canonball Follies
help Sam shoot the cannonballs at the targets. Entertaining game
-Solo Ping Pong
It is fun to do this at home with a paddle and a ball and guess what, it is fun on the computer too
Eat other fishies to get bigger and go deeper to meet bigger fishies. Visual amazing!
-Draw Play
Create lines for a mummy to walk on. Sounds kinda stupid but it is fun. Don't hit the spikes!
-Trapped 4
A fun RPG game that I played all night one evening.
-Double Wires
Act like Spiderman. How far can you get?
-Jedi Trainer
Do you think you have what it takes to become a Jedi? Lets see how good you are with a lightsaber
-Bumper Craft
Guide your craft through the polluted waters. Many levels


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