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Friday, January 5, 2007

Happy National Whipped Cream Day!!!

Today is actually my Birthday and here is a list of holidays, history and celebrities that get to share their birthday with me.

National Bird Day
National Bean Day
National Whipped Cream Day
Twelfth Night

History and Events
1759 - George Washington marries Martha Dandridge Custis.
1854 - The San Francisco steamer sinks, killing 300 people.
1914 - Ford Motor Company announces an eight-hour workday and a minimum wage of $5 for a day's labor.
1964 - Pope Paul VI meets the Greek patriarch Athenagoras I in Jerusalem: the first meeting of Catholic and Orthodox Christianity leaders since 1439.
1970 - Soap opera: All My Children premieres.

Celebrity Birthdays
1762 - Constanze Mozart, wife of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (d. 1842)
1942 - Charlie Rose, American talk show host
1946 - Diane Keaton, American actress
1969 - Marilyn Manson, American singer
1956 - Bozo the Clown, Great American Entertainer
1975 - Mike Grier, American ice hockey player
1983 - Creator of Siblog, American badass

Celebrity Deaths
1655 - Pope Innocent X (b. 1574)
1933 - John Calvin Coolidge, Jr., 30th President of the United States (b. 1872)
1943 - George Washington Carver, American educator (b. 1860)
1998 - Sonny Bono, American entertainer (b. 1935)

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