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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Bacon - Bacon Cereal

Check out this new sweet recipe for Bacon Cereal. It is very nutritional and low in carbs!


Jeff said...

MMmmmm bacon. I'd have preferred it with something milder, like Mozarella, instead of salad dressing.

Or maybe some nice butter.

SiBlog said...

yummmmmm butter!

Anonymous said...

That's outrageous! Just think of your health. Where are all the food groups. I mean I know they have the hog fat group, but what about the Crisco food group.

Anyways, who's ready for some Sloppy Joes!


SiBlog said...

Forget Sloppy Joes, I am ready for a Chili Cheese Dog from DQ!

Zach said...

That's gross and I think you just stepped over the line. Yep you sure did, I just vomited in my mouth a little.

SiBlog said...

suit yourself! Remember DQ doesn't just have "cool treats", they also provide "hot eats"!