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Friday, February 16, 2007

Top Ten Firefox Extensions

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Here are my top 10 Firefox Extensions:

1. Colorful Tabs - this recently found extension gives each of your opened tabs a different color. This is perfect for people who are multi-tab web browsers.

2. Codetch - For a Firefox extension it is the closest thing to Dreamweaver. Edit your website graphically and it will write the code. very useful.

3. 1-ClickWeather - Lets you view your current weather and the forecast weather of however many days ahead you want.

4. IE Tab - For those pesky little sites that you can only view in IE. This Extension will actually pull up the site in Firefox but through IE....tricky.

5. Fasterfox - This extension actually lets you tweak some of your network and performance settings to get a faster Firefox. The main reason I like it is that it has a website load timer that is great for my work.

6. Download Statusbar - This takes that annoying extra download window and places it at the bottom of your page.

7. Answers - Right click on any word and pull up its definition from

8. FireFTP - I use it at work to move files from my desktop to various servers. Very useful and nice to condense another tool inside of Firefox.

9. Map This - Highlight any address and right click to get a map from Google, Yahoo or A9.

10.Favicon Tabs - This extension lets you minimize your tabs to just the Favicon, which is just the small logo for that website. This is nice for people who have a lot of tabs open at once.

.....Also, downloading all of these you will quickly find out that you need an extension to organize your status bar.


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