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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pet Peeve #2

So I met up with a friend early-early this morning for some breakfast at a local establishment. We were supposed to meet there at around 6:30 am. So being the kind of person that I am, I show up at 6:20. No cars were in the parking lot except for the staff's and their cars were all parked in the back. So I pick a spot that is about in the middle of the lot (nothing special like the front spot). Since I am a little early I decide to sit and listen to my radio for a few minutes before going in. While sitting there I hear a crunch of the snow and look over to find this random guy parking right next to me. I am the only car in the lot and he decides to park next to me? Again....I am not anywhere near the front parking spot (actually kinda in the back) and this guy decides to park next to me. Arg! I thought it was an unspoken rule of parking to leave at least one spot in between you and the next person. Kinda like the unspoken rule of the men's bathroom - you don't use the urinal right next to someone unless you have to! You always leave at least one empty urinal in between you and the next person. Now, I understand parking next to someone if you are trying to score the sweetest spot in the lot or if the lot is full, but the front spots were all empty as well as the rest of the lot! Some people just confuse the sh!# out of me. It was just plain silly but really peeved me. I should have slapped one of my flyers on his window for the dickhead move.

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