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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Reader's Choice - Bacon

I asked the two readers of Teh SiBlog what they wanted more of and they have responded. The answer was simple and expected....More Bacon!

You may remember a post about a month ago entitled "Best Bacon Ever!" This post explored a simple and fun journey to K-Mart that was ruined by horrible bacon. Here is the follow up.....

Shortly after the experience I contacted the company about their product. A representative of the company immediately got a hold of me. This nice lady from Smithfield that I spoke with was very sorry to hear of my disappointment and was more than willing to compensate for the tragic experience. I was told that she would send me a coupon in the mail to cover the expenses of the bad bacon, which I estimated around $1.79. The letter and coupon came in the mail yesterday and not only did she hook it up for the bad bacon but she also included another coupon to help grease my arteries! not one, but two $2 coupons! Radical!

Here are some of the original pics along with my letter and coupons -

Speaking with the Treasurer of Teh SiBlog this puts us at 400 times our previous earnings! It was also noted that we should be able to leverage this money into purchasing Lettuce, Tomato, and Bread for a solid BLT meal. Thank you Smithfield!

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