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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Top Ten Books

Invisible Monsters - (Chuck Palahniuk) My favorite book and author of all time. This book takes you on a crazy ride full of comedy and surprises. By the end of the book you understand everything, but yet you are still confused.

Survivor - (Chuck Palahniuk) Great book from the crazy imagination of Chuck Palahniuk. Pages count in reverse order as the person recounts their life.....really cool.

Lord of the Rings - (JRR Tolkien) The best Fantasy and adventure books of all-time. I have not read them since I was a wee-little one but they are still one of my favorites.

Chemical Pink - (Katie Arnoldi) Great book about Steroids and the world of professional body building. The author is very knowledgeable about the sport but also has some very disturbing thoughts that she includes in this story.

Into Thin Air - (Jon Krakauer) Like I have said before I am an Everest Enthusiast and this book is amazing. It recounts the tragic climb of Everest in March 1996. Great read from one of my favorite authors.

Fight Club - (Chuck Palahniuk) Another great book from Chuck. The only one so far that has been made into a movie. Follow the narrator and Tyler on their crazy escapades of destruction.

The Contortionist's Handbook - (Craig Clevenger) Great book about the art of changing your identity. Very interesting and many surprises.

Choke - (Chuck Palahniuk) A disturbing and demented story about Victor Mancini. It took me awhile to finish this one because it pushes the limits. Funny and entertaining but too much at sometimes.

Kiss Me, Judas - (Will Christopher Baer) Book opens up with the main character waking up in a bath tub full of ice and without one of his kidneys. Great urban legend with many twists.

Lobster Boy - (Fred Rosen) The true story about the life and murder of the Carnival star Lobster Boy. Very odd and disturbing book but a great read if you are interested in carni folk.

Honorable Mention: Where the Wild Things Are, Into the Wild, Demon, Lullaby, Diary, American Psycho, Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, Watership Down, Man in Black

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