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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Why Cingular sucks and T-Mobile doesn't

I was one of the last people to get weighed down by a cell phone. I pushed it off for years until I was forced by my company to purchase one. That was in 2004 and I signed a one-year contract with AT&T since they were one of the only providers in Gunnison. While with AT&T I was fairly happy with the service, customer service, and rates.
About six months into the contract I received a notice that Cingular was buying out AT&T Wireless and that my account would be switched over. At first I was excited because they offered a lot of media and it look like a good wireless company. Unfortunately I was wrong. I remember my first experience with them was horrible. Being a college student I didn’t have much money and the first bill I received was outrageous. It took me hours to resolve the issue and they seemed to not care about my business or me as their customer. I continued to have billing related issues with them for just under a year when my phone broke. Since I was locked into a contract and couldn’t afford the fees of breaking the legal agreement, I was forced to purchase a new phone and a 2-year contract. From that point everything went from bad to worse; billing issues almost every month and horrible customer service.
When I purchased the phone I decided to buy insurance since it was a nice phone and I was told that I could just simply walk in to any Cingular store and get a new one. Well less than one year into the contract my phone broke and when I went in to exchange my phone they told me that they couldn’t. Instead I was told I had to send my phone off to a company who would then send me a used phone (so I paid the $6 a month for a used phone!?). This process would also take 2 weeks and cost me shipping and handling. Since my cell phone is my only mode of tele-communication I did not have that kind of time. So I had to purchase a new phone and instead of purchasing it through them I bought one online for approximately one third the cost that they were trying to stick to me. Since then I have been waiting for my contract to end so that I could get away from this terrible company.
Miraculously, my father’s company just switched to T-Mobile. To do this T-Mobile bought out all of the employee’s current plans and offered them discounted phones with good rates. When he told me this I asked him to try to hook me up. I figured we would have to pull some strings or do something sneaky but he simply just gave me a number and told me to call. I called and left Becky, my hopeful savior, a quick message. When she called back, she knew that I wasn’t part of the company but was still going to honor the special. I was a bit skeptical on what kind of deal I would get but she really hooked it up! First of all, they are paying for my cancellation fees in T-Mobile credit. This will knock $150 off of my first bills covering the cancellation charge from Cingular. They are also waiving the $35 activation fee and I am getting a new Blackberry Pearl for $75 ($50 mail-in-rebate) instead of $199 which is the deal for new customers. The rates of T-Mobile are also far better than Cingular. I am getting the same voice plan, text plan, and adding the Blackberry package for the same price as I was paying before for voice and text alone. If I was to add Blackberry options through Cingular it would be $30 more. Thank you T-Mobile!

What is even cooler is that I was told that this same sweet deal is available to friends and family. Check out the promo flyer and give her a call!

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tmobilewhiners masta said...

awwww this blog completes me..i totally agree with u.. they do have some great deals on phones..l will admit a little maby expensive on some handsets but other wise excellant!