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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Top Ten Bacon Bites on the Web

February - The Month of the "Top Ten" lists

The Easiest Way to get Bacon
Who cares about spelling "button" right! As long as you can spell "bacon" correctly you are good in my book! And if you can get bacon that easy then you are my new best friend!

Deep Fried Bacon with Gravy
Chicken fried steak and gravy is good, why wouldn't chicken fried bacon and gravy be good?

Chocolate Covered Bacon
If you were to take the two most wonderful things in the world and combine them what would you get? Chocolate covered bacon....Duh!

Bacon Cereal
Bacon = $1.79
Blue Cheese Dressing = $1.19 (I would opt for Ranch personally)
Bacon Bits = $2.49
Starting off the morning right with some Bacon Cereal = Priceless

Wake'n Bacon
What better way to wake up in the morning than to the smell of bacon in the air. My only question is "Can you really leave frozen bacon in the clock overnight?"

Bacon Ice Cream
I hope that isn't raw bacon on the cone! I will be waiting to see this at a Coldstone near me.

Bacon Air Freshener
Why wouldn't you want your car to smell like bacon?

Bacon Soap
Soap from bacon fat? Sounds like a mix between Fight Club and Babe!

Best Bacon Ever
I am so very proud of this find and will continue to bring it up with any chance I get!

Bacon Bandages
Wee Little Simon: Ouchie! Mommy I scrapped my knee! *sniffle*
The Carol: Stop whining you sissy and slap a slab of bacon on it!

Honorable Mention
-What would Bacon Do? - Good Question!
-Bacon Mints - Does my breath turn you on?
-Gummy Bacon - I think I would end up trying to cook this....because it looks raw.
-Bacon snack bars - just like Ma used to make!
-Bacon of the Month Club - What better club to join than a club that is centered around bacon.
-Bacon Wave - Microwave up to 28 slices of bacon at once!
-Ice Ice Bacon - Horrible mix of "Ice Ice Baby" and Bacon!
-Bacon on Wikipedia - Just facts on bacon. - This person hearts bacon.


Jeff said...

Awwwwwww yeahhhh

Zach said...

Best top ten yet!

Anonymous said...

I loved it! Glad to see my two entries made the top 10!