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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Top Ten Corniest Songs of All Time...Plus Videos

February - The Month of the "Top Ten" lists

Meat Loaf
"I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)"

In College my friend Becker used to crank this song up to punish everyone in his house. Because of this, they would wrestle and fight each other in the wee hours of the night. Moral of the story: Playing Meat Loaf causes fights.

Color Me Badd
"I Wanna Sex You Up"

I think I used to think this song was cool when I was younger....but then again I used to think that wearing your pants backwards and tight rolls were cool too! Now that I am older I know this song sucks, but I also know that tight rolls are still cool...right?

Ricky Martin
"She Bangs"

It's Ricky Martin, his whole musical career could be lumped into this list, but since I could only use one I decided to use the worst of the worst.

"Rico Suave"

This is just one of those songs that makes me laugh. This guy is actually serious about this song and that is what makes it so funny!

"Barbie Girl"

I've got a good idea, let's take a childhood toy and write a horrible song about it....oh I almost forgot! also add some horrible synth pop background music!

"Pumps and a Bump"

Hammer formerly known as MC (Master of Ceremonies) Hammer came out with this song when he attempted to transition into Gangsta Rap. He should have just stuck with baggy pants, sweet dance moves and poppy rap.

Eiffel 65
"Blue (Da Ba Dee)"

This song absolutely infuriated me when it came out. It is because of songs like this that electronic music gets its bad name. Absolute crap.

Billy Ray Cyrus
"Achy Breaky Heart"

If I didn't like country music enough already, Billy Ray Cyrus had to come in and create the worst song ever! What is even worse is that it was a hit in America.... Those were some bad times for us as a country.

Jennifer Lopez
"Jenny from the Block"

Proves that Jennifer Lopez is not good at anything...except divorce. I am pretty sure I pulled out all of my hair the first time I heard this song. One word to describe this song "Kaka"!

"Thong Song"

This is the only song that has ever been able to make my ears bleed....Profusely! Sisqo and his whole gang of blondies should be severely beaten for this song! Malarkey!

What are your picks?


justin said...

great list! i wish meatloaf was a bit higher though, haha.

please feel free to port this list and/or others at the budding you can give credit and a link to your blog in the preface, so hopefully it can generate a bit a bit of traffic to your site and your month of lists!


Zach said...

Ohhhh that one hit wonder Sisqo! Could a worse song have been made. Seriously! Hey, but at least we have the 'only put one arm in your jacket' fashion statement to give him credit for.

Nice list, couldn't have done it better myself. Accept I may be a little bit of a Barbie Girl closet fan!

Simon said...

I think I forgot some key artists Ace of Base and the Spice Girls. So many horrible artists, so few spots!

Maybe I will have to post some of my mo' betta lists on this

Luke said...

But she had dumps like a truck What? Your bro loved Blue and bought the cd when it first came out. Great list though, don't trash talk the spice girls or the all mighty ace of base!
Girl Power!

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