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Friday, February 23, 2007

Top Ten Items on my Wishlist

Yes...Once again laziness has overcome me.

10. Toshiba 60GB Gigabeat
It is about time for a new one

9. Xbox 360
I only want this for Halo 3!

8. Fraggle Rock season 2
Dance your cares away!

7. Liquid Force "Shane" Wakeboard Bindings or Ronix "One" Wakeboard Bindings
This would go with my new Wakeboard in the #1 spot!

6. Boat Rack
For bigger air and organization!

5. Tornado Foosball Table
I really one this one bad, but I really don't have anyone to play with....but maybe I can find someone!

4. Halo 3
If I could get Halo 3 without buying and Xbox 360 that would be great!

3. Pentax K110D
For some sweet shots of nature and life!

2. Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy
A man's best friend

1. Liquid Force "Shane" Wakeboard or Ronix "One" Wakeboard
Excited to pick up one of these before the summer!

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