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Monday, February 12, 2007

Top Ten Old School Nintendo Video Games

Super Mario Bros 3
- I remember watching "The Wizard" and seeing Super Mario 3 for the first time. I thought it was going to be the greatest game ever and it pretty much is. Not only can you fly but you can also throw hammers, wear a frog suit and jump around in what looks like a gunny sack. I have probably beat this game close to 50 times and it is still just as fun to beat as it was the first time.

Mike Tyson's Punch Out
- I dedicated a whole semester of college to beating Mike Tyson. My roommate and I would meet up after class everyday to try to beat Iron Mike. I went to the computer lab and researched Mikes moves until we knew him better than ourselves. After weeks of of agonizing defeat we both finally beat him and now I can say with pride "I have beat Mike Tyson!" We also tried to join the Nintendo Fun Club, but I was told by the operator that the group disbanded about 15 years ago...So we started our own!

Super Mario Bros 1
- This is one of those games I can honestly say that I have mastered. I can beat this game faster than I can run three miles....and it is more rewarding. The reason I love this game so much is because it is what started it all. This game is what made Nintendo so huge. Nintendo and Super Mario are like shoes and shoe-laces....bad analogy but you get what I mean, right?

- This game owns another semester of my college career. I spent endless nights mastering this game so that I could beat my friends. I remember losing the title for about a week and how much it hurt my pride. Don't worry, in the end I came through in the clutch and scored an all-time high that was never even closely matched. And you can't measure this record by rocket size because the whole of Russia blasted to the moon!

- ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A .........Does that mean anything to you? If it doesnt, it should! Even if I was away from all civilization for twenty years and some person came up to me and said "Do you know the code to Contra?" I would have the answer. I remember getting thrashed to an inch of my life by my brother for stealing lives, but vice versa was of correct etiquette. This game is also infamous for how it screws you when you die and your partner isn't in the correct spot....and then you die again. It is known between my friends as being "Contra-ed".

Load Runner
- I purchased this game hoping that it would cost me another semester in college, but unfortunately it only took me one day. Though I was very upset that I had ruined the rest of my semester, I also knew that it was always fun to play no matter what. Pretty easy to learn A digs to the right, B digs to the left. Bury your enemies and get the gold. Watch out for the quicksand!

Caveman Games
- This is the only game I know where you are allowed to throw your wife by her ankles...and get rewarded for doing so. I also remember at a young age staying up all night at a friend's house to see who could throw their wife the furthest.

Super Dodgeball
- This game is just plain fun, you run and throw the ball at amazing speeds and directions to knock your opponents out. You play teams from around the world including Iceland, Russia, and Germany. I think you square off against China in the finals....and then total chaos, you face yourself! Crazy fun!

Super Tecmo Football
- I have seen more grown men fight over this game than over women. Everyone I know claims to be the best Tecmo football player out there but I have never seen one standout. We used to have playoffs in the dorms and serious head-to-head battles. I even recently saw two of my friends fight it out over a brutal game of Tecmo at four in the morning. It is where meatheads meet nerds

Rad Racer
- The only reason that this game is on the Top Ten is because it is the only game I have ever played with the Power Glove. The game is not really that fun and it is almost impossible to play with the Power Glove, but the Power Glove is just too sweet! Many of the honorable mentions probably should have this spot but....."I love the Power Glove, its so bad!"

Honorable Mention: Ninja Gaiden, Metroid, Super Off-Road, Super Mario Bros 2, Track and Field, Life Force, Jackel, Rad Racer, Super Contra and Simon's Quest!

Reader's Recommendations

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Zach said...

You forgot 'blades of steel'. Just wanted to make give the game it's proper respect! Nice list.

Anonymous said...

Blades of steel was good -- for a sports game.

Here where it's at:



Simon said...

Ahh yes! Nice recommendations, they will be added. I am sure that I missed more