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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Top Ten Panoramic Photos

Some of these shots are 360 degrees while others are very close. So many amazing photos to choose from, Check it!

1. St Peters Basilica - My favorite because I have always wanted to go but never had the chance. *Not a direct link to the picture*

2. Mount Everest - I am a Mount Everest enthusiast and this picture is really cool!

3. Paris - Beautiful look out onto Paris in the night!

4. Pioneer Hut, New Zealand - Beautiful shot on top of a mountain

5. Moraine Lake - Amazing lake shot. Absolutely beautiful!

6. New Years eve 2007 around the globe - Amazing shots of New Years celebrations around the world. Includes Times Square, Paris, London, Aspen and More! *not a direct link to the pictures*

7. The Moon - Apollo 17 - It's the Moon! Very cool!

8. On Top of Khufu's Pyramid - Amazing shot from on top of Khufu's Pyramid!

9. Lva pillars in Myvatn, Iceland - One of the many amazing landscape photos of Iceland

10. Stonehenge - 360 look inside of one of the world's greatest mysteries

Honorable Mention:
-Sister Superior and Castleton towers, Moab, Utah
-Longs Peak in winter, Colorado
-Wall Street, Utah
-Meteor Crater, Arizona
-Los Trancos
-Lake Louise
-Pancake Rocks, New Zealand
-Lake Ediza

Any Recommendations?


Paige said...

Just check it out.

Simon said...

Hahaha that is some great Bacon-wear for the worst ouchies!

Great find :-)