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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Top Ten Products I Miss from the 80's

Indestructible Neon Glasses

I think the ad even showed these glasses being run over by a car. I used to have a few pairs of these and I must say I looked really cool in them.

Teddy Ruxbin and Grubby

I never had one, but boy I sure wish I did! Just put in a tape and listen to a story through the still eyes and scary voice of Teddy Ruxpin. Then after that you could connect Teddy to Grubby and watch them talk!

Garbage Pail Kids

You could vandalize all of your stuff with the disgusting Garbage Pail stickers. This has to be my personal was on the side of my brothers desk.


Some think that Napoleon Dynamite brought these back, but we all know who really did...My brother Zach! I wish I could of had a pair of these during the horrible winter snow.

Roller Skates

Rollerblades are stupid, Roller Skates are rad! I remember having my birthday party at Skate City....oh wait that was just a few days ago. Speaking of that I need to work on my "cross-over" and "backwards skating"!

Crystal Clear Pepsi

I don't know if this was from the 80's, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I miss it.

Leg Warmers

I never wore these since I am a boy...but I sure wish the girls still sported these!

OP shorts

Who wears short shorts!? I used to wear short shorts....Sweet corduroy shorts from OP! Magnum PI used to sport these and he can kick anyones butt!

NES and The Power Glove

I miss this so much that I still own it! and I still buy games....not very often but I do still buy games here and there.

Hyper Color shirts

Still probably the greatest advancement in science to date. Shirt gets hot - turns yellow, shirt gets cold - turns orange.....Amazing! Be careful though, you can't wash these shirts or their magic disappears.

What Do You Miss?


mtnlurker said...

Were you alive in the '80s?

Simon said...

Heh. Ya...for most of it :-)