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Monday, February 26, 2007

Top Ten Random Videos

Yes I am lazy again so I am just going to post some random stuff.

Jim Breuer Drinking Skit

Funny skit about a night of drinking. Rated PG-13


Video of a DUI inside of the police station. Many of you have probably seen this video, but it is pretty funny. Rated PG-13

Hope is Emo - Chapter 9

Just another chapter to the hilarious podcast of Hope and her Emo life. Rated PG-13

Fall Out Boy Parody

Hilarious parody on the "Sugar, we are going down" song. Rated R for explicit lyrics and graphic footage

Magic Cone

This is the only one that is a link. Very funny yet disturbing. Rated PG-13 for some graphic footage...but it is a real product

Carlos Mencia gets pwn'd by Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan jumps on the stage at a Carlos Mencia show and totally pwns him for stealing jokes. Rated R for potty mouth

MMA Kiss

This is why you should never kiss your MMA opponent. Rated PG-13 for violence

Justin Timberlake SNL Digital Short

Absolutely hilarious and I am sure may of you have already seen it. Rated R for explicit lyrics.

Mario 3 in 11 minutes

Amazing! I thought I was good at Super Mario 3, but after watching this video I know that it isn't true. Rated PG

Beer Launching Fridge

Really cool video of a mini fridge that has been modified with a beer launcher. Rated PG-13

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

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