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Friday, February 9, 2007

Top Ten Websites

1 - Find news, videos, podcasts, tricks, secrets and other web jems at "user driven social content website". This website has all of the useless goodies that you can find on the web and a few useful ones too. you digg?

2 - Tracks all of your favorite one-deal-at-a-time websites including steepandcheap, woot and more! The site auto refreshes so that you are always up to speed on the newest deal.

3 - Do I really have to say anything? I used to be a die hard fan but I have slowly been swayed to Google side.

4 - If you ever have a question Wikipedia it! It quote-unquote is the always 100% correct but I personally have never found anything there that I didn't believe....hehe. This open encyclopedia grows by the minute, but unfortunately you can't put yourself in there.

5 - This photo sharing community allows you to upload your photos to their servers for storage (has a monthly max). Not only do I use it to store my personal pics but I also use it to store my blog pics since hotlinking hasn't been so nice to me.

6 - I have to admit I am a Myspacer and have been for years. This site may host pedophiles, have horrible CSSs, be completely trendy and break all the time.....but it does accomplish its goal to be an online social network. No other site can even compare to myspace when it comes to its networking.

7 - If you ever want a video, go to YouTube they will always have it. This online video and media hosting giant is the biggest rival to myspace and is growing fast. Where else can you find old SNL skits of "Hello my name is Simon"?

8 - Going to craiglist is like opening up the classifieds section of the newspaper...but organized and with pics. Plus the "Best of" section has some of the most hilarious rants and raves ever.

9 - I know buying media in the solid form may be a thing of the past but call me old school because I still like to have the physical CD or DVD in my hand. This open Amazon-like store allows people to put any of there old media out on the web and in an organized fashion. I buy all of my music and movies here.

10 - This online social and sporting network organizes league bowling, dodgeball, kickball, bar games and more! Only in select area but this site and company is growing and hopefully to a city near you!

Honorable mention: Firefoxaddons, Modern Drunkard Mag, The Onion,,,, Archie McPhee, Snopes, ,, Trillian

More Recommendations?

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