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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

5 New Firefox Add-ons

New Add-ons found on Lifehacker and Digg

Auto Copy
This extension is for all of you avid Copy and Paste-rs out there. Auto Copy allows you to copy any text to your clipboard by simply highlighting it. AutoCopy also remembers past clipboard contents items, can append text to the existing clipboard, or open wrapped URLs on a web page in a new tab.

Customize Google
This one I found pretty interesting. What could you possibly want to customize about your favorite Google apps? A whole lot, actually. With CustomizeGoogle installed, you can:

* Remove ads from Google search results
* Add links to results from other search engines
* Anonymize Google's query tracking cookies
* Remove Gmail's Spam folder and invite box
* Automatically use Gmail and GCal's secure connection
* Filter out the sites you never want to see again from Google's search results

Now this extension is kinda wacky. Firedoodle allows you to draw doodles on any website and save it for the next time you come to that site. At first it sounded really immature and juvenile but after I messed around with it I realized it actually has some good uses. For example, say you are in college and reading many different online articles for your term paper. You can simply highlight the important data as if it was your own book and then come back to it later on when you are writing the paper. Check out this tutorial on it -

Adblock Plus
Tired of all of those annoying advertisements? With Adblock, you can block images, iframes, flash movies and other web annoyances that you can configure.

Adds 41 new Buttons from Firefox Menu on the Toolbar! New buttons: Save as, New Navigator, Open file, Save frame, Send Link, Page setup, Print preview, Print, Import, Offline, Undo, Redo, Delete, Select All, Find, Customize toolbar, Enlarge text, Reduce text, Source, Add Bookmark, Send message, Extensions, Themes, Preferences, Help, Bookmarks Manager, Bookmarks, JavaScriptConsule, Dom inspector, Page Info,Clear private data, Select Next Tab, Select Previous Tab, Normal Text Size, Full Window, Configuration (about:config), User's profile, AddonZilla, Google mail web page,Yahoo mail web page and Hotmail web page.
This version included translations: English (en-US), Russian (ru-RU),Slovak (sk-SK), Polish (pl-PL), Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt-BR), French (fr-FR), Danish (da-DK), Italian (it-IT), Spanish (es-ES), Japanese (ja-JP), Hungarian (hu-HU), German (de-De), Dutch (nl-NL),Chinese (Simplified) (zh-CN), Persian (fa-IR) and Ukrainian (uk-UA).

I had to add this because it is just plain silly

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