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Friday, March 23, 2007

Eveybody, Meet My Google Twin

Have you ever Googled your name and found that someone else has your #1 spot? This other person that you don't even know has your same name and rides above you in the eyes of the Google-bot, what else could be more frustrating! Some people have begun to obsess about their Google Twin and their lives!

So lets take a look at my Google Twin....I have seen him on the web for over a year now and from time to time I check in on him to make sure that I still have the #1 spot secured. If you Google my full name you will see that my Twin shows up on the second page in the second spot! I recently (as in yesterday) became official Myspace friends with him and he now sits in my number one "Top 24" spot (sorry Amy)! We have sent a few emails back and forth and my first question was...what is your middle name? Surprisingly, we don't have the same middle name but that would scary if we did! Anyways, let's not dwell on me but rather take a look at the life of the other Simon.

Simon (translated version too)lives in TRIER, Rheinland-Pfalz Germany and plays the bass guitar and vocals (I believe) in a sweet band called Second Nature (that is Simon in the middle). I also believe they reside in the genres of "funk" and "jam band" but I will let Simon clarify that one. Simon has lived a life around music ever since the tender age of 5 (or 6) and has been with multiple bands and even some solo stuff (Thanks Google Translate for helping me out!).

Now that I have given you a brief history of Simon, let's look at our similarities:
-We both have the same name!
-We both like Music!
-Simon's influences are Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Sting, Jamiroquai and others....Guess what! I like those artists too!
-We both are devilishly handsome!
-Simon is German, I am three-fourths German!
-Simon can write and read English, I can too!
-Simon can write and read German, I took German in High School but can't write a thing!
-Simon is cool...sometimes I like to think that I am cool!

....Could we possibly have been separated at birth?

Give Simon's band Second Nature a listen on Myspace!

*I created a page on Wikipedia for Google Twin. This was my first time creating a new Wikipedia page so I was kinda nervous and conservative. Feel free to mock me.


Luke Barron said...

My twin is a chess champion, I got yelled at when I played chess (If they don't want you to double jump don't play it on a checker board!) My name with me instead of Chessy Mcnerdenstein Luke is a harder one to find. Nuts to him and google!

Simon said...

You're right! I found him "Luke Barron is the Under 14 Runner up (for chess)". Maybe we should start harassing him....that will learn him!