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Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Google Twin" in Wikipedia - Keep or Delete?

About a week ago I posted an article about my "Google Twin" and the growing use of "Google Twin" as a term, entitled Eveybody, Meet My Google Twin. When I created that post I looked to Wikipedia for some help (like I always do), but found that there was no entry for it yet. So I took this opportunity to create my very first Wikipedia page. This was something I always dreamed of doing but never found the right opportunity to do so....and here it was. So since I created the "Google Twin" page on Wikipedia, it has been rearranged and changed for the better, but it has also been added to the discussion forum of AfD (Articles for Deletion). In this web forum moderators and people across the world discuss whether or not a particular article/term should be deleted or not. So far the discussion has been back and forth on whether or not to keep it in the Wikipedia index. Check out the AfD page for "Google Twin" and state your feelings on whether or not "Google Twin" should be deleted or kept in the world of Wikipedia. I am not lobbying for everyone to write a "Keep" statement for me, but rather to take a look at the arguments and let everyone and Wikipedia know what you think.

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