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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Joost Invite Please?

Joost, the online TV software from the creators of Skype and Kazaa, is in its beta testing stage right now and you can only become a member by invitation. Each member has two invitations send out to their closest buddies, who will then have two invitations, and so on and so forth. My wish is that an amazing stranger will see this article and send me an invite.....good luck, right!? So I have been searching all over the internet for any kind of invite and the best thing I have found is joostswap. This site is specifically designed to hold Joost invitation swaps, hence the name. I have seen people offering everything from 100 webclicks/day to their first born child for this new software. First of all, I don't have anything worth swapping. Secondly, I don't even like TV! So why do I wanna get Joost? Just because!

Joost History and Info from Wikipedia

"Joost (pronounced 'juiced') is an interactive software for distributing TV shows and other forms of video over the Web using peer-to-peer tv technology, created by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis (founders of Skype and Kazaa).

Joost began development in 2006. Working under the code name "The Venice Project," Zennstrom and Friis have assembled teams of some 150 software developers in about a half-dozen cities around the world, including New York, London, Leiden and Toulouse. Joost's CTO is Dirk-Willem van Gulik.[1]

The teams are currently in negotiations with TV networks. It has signed up with Warner Music, Ministry of Sound TV and production company Endemol for the beta.[2] In February 2007, Viacom entered into a deal with the company to distribute content from its media properties, including MTV Networks, BET and film studio Paramount Pictures.

Company representatives have gone on record as saying the name should be pronounced as "juiced"[citation needed]. This differs from the pronunciation of the Dutch first name Joost, which is pronounced 'Yohst.'


P2PTV technology and is expected to deliver near-TV resolution images. It turns a PC into an instant on-demand TV without any need for additional set top box. News updates, discussion forums, show ratings, and multi-user chat sessions (often linked to the active stream/channel) are made possible through the use of semi-transparent widget overlays.

The current version of the software is based on XULRunner and the audio management re-uses the ZAP Media Kit. The peer to peer layer comes from the Joltid company, which also provided the peer to peer layer of Skype. The video playback utilizes the CoreCodec, CoreAVC H.264 video decoder."


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