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Saturday, March 31, 2007

This Week in Health, Fitness and Science

For those of you who don't know me my name is Zach! I'm Simon's older brother studying medicine, proctology, African Dung Beetles and small little things called adams! Since I am a medical student I thought I would post an intermittent blog called "This Week in Health, Fitness and Science". My intent is to find and quickly summarize some new fun tidbits in the aforementioned topics. Don't worry I don't plan on posting journal articles on things like "The efficacy of Lovastatin compared to Placebo in a randomized double blind control trial". I'll leave the light reading to you! So give me some feedback and comments and enjoy!

This Week in Health, Fitness and Science
By Zach

  • Good Week for:
    • Hairy Women - A recent study showed that spearmint may help reduce breast and facial hair on women.
    • Chicken Legs - Those of you with small legs may have hope! MSN health and fitness shows some leg workouts to beef up those tiny legs.
    • Prostitutes - A recent study showed that Green Tea may help prevent HIV infection.
    • Chocolate and Berries - More evidence showing that chocolate is beneficial for the heart and black raspberries can help reduce GI cancer. So add it in to your bacon rich diet!
    • Fish out of water - Swiss researchers have come out with a 'Swimming Blimp'. A new blimp looks like it swims like a 'brook in the water'. Check it out!
  • Bad Week for:
    • Men who drink tea - Since evidence shows that spearmint may decrease testoserone levels in men and women. Verdict is out women more tea, men more beer, everyone wins!
    • Smokers - another strike against smokers. Aparently new research says that apartment tenants don't appreciate their neighbors bad habits. So some cities are looking at banning smoking from apartment complexes.
Weird but interesting - A news report tells the story of a woman in Britain who 'reacts' to cell phones, microwaves and modern day technology with headaches, tingling, eye swelling and other crazy symptoms. She's 'allergic' to the modern era and can't even be around areas with Wi-Fi, no Starbucks for her. I guess on the flip side you don't need your PC or Palm to tell you where you can access your email and check out the latest post on teh SiBlog. Sounds crazy, but I read it on the internet so it must be true!

Map and calculate your running mileage - a pretty sweet website for runners.