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Friday, April 20, 2007

...And One Pipe to Rule Them All

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article on Yahoo! Pipes and how I thought that it was going to revolutionize the internet and RSS feeds. I don't think anyone really read the article and believed me. Since then I have played around with it more and think that it is one of the most useful tools on the internet right now. If you are an information junkie or a blog fanatic like myself then this tool is for you.

I follow and read about 5-10 blogs a day to keep me up-to-date on the latest in technology and random stuff. I used to pull each one of these blogs up in their separate tabs (in Firefox) and use the ReloadEvery Firefox add-on to make them relaod every 5 minutes or so. I would scan each of them once every few hours to see what was new. Yahoo! Pipes has simplified all of this into one nice Pipe. I simply grabbed all of the RSS feeds from each blog (plus mine) and the RSS feed from and placed them into one Pipe. In this Pipe I limit what Digg articles can come through by their DuggCount and then sort everything by their publication date. After that, I run the ReloadEvery Firefox extension on it so I know I am getting the most current data. In the end I get one feed that has pretty much everything that I read in a day. The possibilities really are endless with this tool. I sure I will soon send a good news feed through this Pipe to make it even more useful!

Why not use any other simple RSS feed reader? Yahoo! Pipes is the only feed reader that I know of that lets you add logic and filters to your feed. Not only can you aggregate all of the feeds into one but you can also filter the content that you really read. Another great feature is that you can create as many Pipes as you want. For example you could create a Tech Pipe and a News Pipe and a Medical Pipe and so on and so forth....and then if you wanted all of that content together you could create a Pipe that aggregates all of those Pipes. Once again, the possibilities are endless with this tool. So, if you read dozens of sites and blogs a day I recommend making your life simpler with Yahoo! Pipes.

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