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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Daily SiBlurbs- 4/10/07

Random links to news, videos, pics, apps, gadgets, games, nonsense and more

-Lifehacker: Firefox Tip: Disable tab scrolling - Nice Firefox tip to disable the pesky tab scrolling as well as a new and useful extension called Tab Mix Plus that enables you to stack your tabs.
-Lifehack: Use Scotch Tape to Clean your Keyboard - Title says it all
-Wired: Sansa Connect - A quick review of the new Wi-Fi MP3 player
-Finetune and Apollo Desktop Player - One of the best online music sites. Create radio stations, playlists and more. Check it out!
-Lifehacker: Keybreeze - KeyBreeze is a pop-up launcher operated entirely by keystrokes. Just tap the semi-colon key (or any other key you define), then start typing the name of a program, document, folder or bookmark
-Engadget: USB Thumb Drive and Stamp - Odd Combo

-Underwater Restaurant - Pictures of this one-of-a-kind restaurant
-Red vs. Blue - Episode 94 "Tucker Knows Best" - Newest installment to the 5th season of this hilarious machinima series on Halo 1 and 2. Rooster Teeth recently announced that "The Blood Gulch Chronicles" will be coming to an end at episode 100. Check out full seasons at Google video!
-Dry Valleys of Antarctica - Never knew that there was dry land in Antarctica
-Heat Vision and Jack - This is a pilot for a TV series that Ben Stiller was to produce in 1999. It stars Jack Black and Owen Wilson and here is the plot: An astronaut, Jack Austin (Jack Black), flew too close to the sun, his brain expanded—"like cookie dough"—and he became three times smarter than the smartest man on earth, though only when the sun is up. "Heat Vision" (Voiced by Owen Wilson) is his motorcycle, sidekick, and unemployed best friend, formerly known as Doug. Heat Vision was transformed from human to motorcycle by character actor Ron Silver. Heat Vision and Jack fight crime and aliens while be chased by Ron Silver who is alwayshot on their tracks.


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