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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Daily SiBlurbs- 4/11/07

Random links to news, videos, pics, apps, gadgets, games, nonsense and more

-Top Ten Geek Wallets - Some pretty sweet wallets in there
-ECO-CELL - Got an old phone laying around the house? Send it to ECO-CELL instead of throwing it in the trash
-Gizmodo: Mazu Kan Invisible Fighting - Teaching your kid to fight without getting beat up
-Lifehacker: Build an online scrapbook with Scrapblog - Web site Scrapblog lets you create online scrapbooks with a powerful flash editing tool and tons of templates.

-Darfur on Google Maps - Shows the horrible atrocities of the Darfur Conflict on Google Maps
-USA Singles Map - Map that shows the population of single men and women

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