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Friday, April 13, 2007

Daily SiBlurbs- 4/13/07

-Engadget: Forget May, Pink Zune available now
-Engadget: First $99 HD radio announced - Cheapest HD radio yet!
-Lifehacker: Friday Fun: Waterproof your electronics Navy SEAL-style - DIY web site Instructables details how to wrap and waterproof your electronics just like the Navy SEALs - in two big condoms.

-The Chork - Chopsticks + Fork = Chork
-Gizmodo: VIZCap, a Reinvention of the Bottle Cap for Hypochondriacs - The VIZCap is their latest flight of fancy, a bottle cap that stores vitamins and fizzies away from that liquid, high and dry so they won't lose any of their potency.
-Consumerist: Cadbury: Our Eggs Aren't Smaller, You Are Bigger - In tow were two Cadbury eggs; the egg from yesteryear was clearly larger than the egg currently on shelves.
-Magnetic Clothes Hangers - Clothes hangers and clothing spaces have largely remained in the same format over the years.So designer Daniel decided to change the old hangers, and came with new and innovative idea.Now you don’t need to organize your clothes on the metallic bars that occupy space in closet, because you can use magnets.
-SNL Angry Boss Skit - Will Ferrell at his best


Anonymous said...

“Sirius, XM, and HD: Consumer interest reality check”

“While interest in satellite radio is diminishing, interest in HD shows no signs of a pulse.”

"Is Pay-for-Play HD Content on Horizon?"

"HD Radio Effort Undermined by Weak Tuners in Expensive Radios"

“HD Radio on the Offense”

“But after an investigation of HD Radio units, the stations playing HD, and the company that owns the technology; and some interviews with the wonks in DC, it looks like HD Radio is a high-level corporate scam, a huge carny shill.”

"The FCC Tunes Into HD Radio--And May Turn Off Distant AM"

“RW Opinion: Rethinking AM’s future”

“Making AM-HD work well as a long-term investment is seen as an expensive and risky challenge for most stations and their owners. There is the significant downside of potential new interference to some of their own AM analog listeners as well as listeners of adjacent-channel stations.”

The FCC has just given away our free airwaves to a few corporate thugs, including iBiquity Digital Corporation. Especially on AM, HD/IBOC causes adjacent-channel interference, which I have confirmed listening to WTWP 1500 AM-HD in Wash., D.C.- the HD/IBOC digital sidebands are over-powering on 1490 and 1510 and would clobber any existing stations on those frequencies. Few HD radios have been sold, as consumers have not bought into this farce. This whole setup is just to the advantage of the HD Radio Alliance, as they own most of the 1,200 stations broadcasting in HD - the small mom-and-pop stations have lost coverage and will probably disappear. This FCC sole-source, non-competitive contract award to iBiquity is totally outrageous.

Luke said...

Damn the man!