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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Daily SiBlurbs- 4/17/07

-Wired:Intel Metro Notebook: LL Cool Laptop - Sweet new laptop with two screens (kinda like a flip phone)
-Gizmodo: Xbox-Top: Giant Japanese 12-inch LCD for the 360 - A screen that fits directly on your Xbox 360
-Engadget: SolidAlliance's USB FoodHub: we recommend the special - Plate of yummy USB eats
-Random Good Stuff: Haier Micro-Phone - Really cool tiny phone
-Engadget: Xbox 360 Laptop mk2 - Beginning of a 3 step DIY program to building your own Xbox 360 Laptop
-Gizmodo: Wi-Fi Fish Tank Lets You Care for Your Goldfish From Afar - Control everything in your aquarium via WiFi when on vacation!
-Trade Your Old Xbox for a 360 Elite trade in your old school or new school Xbox for a new elite....or just sell me your new school Xbox 360
-TechCrunch: Google’s Office Suite Complete: Google “PowerPoint” Confirmed - With Word and Excel already covered, Google is now planning on releasing a PowerPoint competitor

-Nile Crocodile Bites Veterinarean's Arm Off (pictures) - Pretty gross, but doctors successfully reattached the arm
-Fast Food Ads vs. Reality - Great look at what fast food companies advertise to what they deliver

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