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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Daily SiBlurbs- 4/19/07

-Gizmodo: Source: iPhone Either Getting Delayed or Will Have Thin Launch - iPhone could be delayed
-Engadget: Hitachi's 1TB 7K1000 hard drive gets reviewed - 1TB Hard Drive...Oh mi Gato!
-Consumerist: Blackberry Owes You A New Girlfriend - Why didn't she just call him?
-Froogle Dead - Froogle has been renamed “Google Product Search”

-Wedding Pills - Take your vows and take a drink
-DaysAgo - Timer to put on your food to track how old it is
-Desktop Pitching Machine: Batting Practice At The Office - This mini pitching machine comes with 12 soft plastic mini-baseballs and a collapsable bat that can fold up for easy storage
-Woman Registers a .47 on Breath Tester - That is really really drunk


Zach said...

From what I have heard the drunkest person who ever survived was a women in Colorado who blew a 0.7something or other and survived. 0.47 is loaded but WooHoo for Co for pulling through with a another record!

Simon said...

Ya, I can't find the record on the web anywhere...I guess I am just not as good as I thought at google'ing