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Friday, April 20, 2007

Daily SiBlurbs- 4/20/07

It is a lazy Friday that means limited links

-Office Depot Xbox 360 Clearance - Only $399.99 for platinum addition
-Airsoft Roomba kits up with plastic pellets - Roomba that shoots
-Magic Backup Camera's Video Stays Hidden Away Until You Need It - Check it out

-Ugly X-Ray - Nasty X-Ray
-Fast Food: Ads vs Reality - I don't remember if I posted this earlier but....


Luke said...

Our shins will never be safe again. You can purchase a book called How to Survive a Robot Uprising @, I already own How to Survie a Zombie Attack and I am pretty sure that book will save my life someday and probably yours too.

Zach said...

u have to know how these pipes work. I've just been discovering how to add a bunch of blogs to my Google home page but I'm still ignorant on Yahoo and how to work the pipes.

Simon said...

It is actually fairly simple. If you go take a look at my pipe it might help you understand some things.

Basically you click on the little RSS logo on the website and then get its URL. From there you go to Pipes select a "fetch" module and place that URL in there. From there you just connect them in Unions and Sort them how you want. Honestly looking at my Pipe will help you understand