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Monday, April 9, 2007

Daily SiBlurbs- 4/9/07

Random links to news, videos, pics, apps, gadgets, games, nonsense and more

I am going to start trying to do this blurb everyday (hence the daily) and we will see how it goes. It will focus mostly on tech links and such but also feature other random links. The links will come mostly from other blogs that I read as well as random sites.

Let me know if you like it, dislike it or just have any suggestions

-Mozilla Thunderbird 2 RC1 (All platforms) - The second and more stable version for Mozilla's alternative to MS Outlook.
-Cave Bookcase - Read inside of your bookcase!
-SimpleTech SimpleDrive: up to 1TB - External hard drives up to 1TB
-Solar Grill - Solar grill cooks burgers with the sun
-Buzzillions - New website dedicated to consumer product reviews
-ImgRed - Safe Hotlinking....or is it?
-StrokeIt - Mouse gesture application for Windows
-Xbox Qwerty Keyboard - Qwerty keyboard that snaps onto Xbox controller

-Penny Pyramid - Just look
-Strangest Music Videos Of All Time - No surprise that Aphex Twin is on the list multiple times.
-LAZ-D - "Clean Up The Game" Video - Rapper with Down Syndrome. Very serious video that appears to have a lot of money put into it.

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