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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Firefox Tips

Check out some of these great Firefox tips courtesy of Lifehacker.

Open search results in a new tab

This first tip is great! Do you use your search box in the top right hand corner of Firefox....I use mine all the time. This tip simply opens a new tab for you when you search with that tool. Before I had to hit Ctrl+T to get a new tab and then search, now this will do it for me!
Firefox Tip: Open search results in a new tab

When you Ctrl+K to the Google search box in Firefox, type your terms and hit Enter, the results appear in your current tab - but it's easy to make 'em open a whole new tab so you don't lose your current page. The How-To Geek explains:

Type about:config into the address bar, and then put the following into the filter box: Double-click the value to change it to true.

Restore Session

Geek to Live: Top Firefox 2 config tweaks

Fx 2.0 only: As a blogger and web mail user, it breaks my heart to recount how many times I've composed a long post or email message, then accidentally closed the tab or browser and lost all my work. No more! With Firefox 2, set the key to 3 to restore your browsing session - with form entries intact! - every time you start your browser or undo close tab after a wayward click. Note: By default, Firefox 2 automatically restores your session if your browser crashes - but this does it every time you restart your browser normally. Thanks for the tip, Arun!

* Key:
* Modified Value: 3
* Default: 1 (open your specified homepages)

Update: Ryan points out that doing it this way is like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer. To do it the normal person way, from the Tools menu choose Options, and in the Main area, select "Show my windows and tabs from last time" from the "When Firefox starts" dropdown. D'oh! Thanks Ryan!

Tab width before scrolling kicks in

Geek to Live: Top Firefox 2 config tweaks

Fx 2.0 only: The biggest interface changes in Firefox 2 involve tabbed browsing. Power surfers who open more than a dozen tabs will notice that Firefox 2 minimizes tabs to a certain width, then sets the excess to scroll off the tab bar with left and right arrows. As someone who often has more than a dozen tabs open, not being able to see them all made me crazy. One solution is to reduce the minimum tab width so that more tabs fit in the bar before the scroll kicks in. The default is 100 pixels; I found that 75 worked better for me - page titles were still readable, but more tabs could fit. Compare 100 width, which fits 7 tabs across at this size (see Lifehacker for pics)

To disable tab scrolling entirely, set the value to 0.

* Key: browser.tabs.tabMinWidth
* Modified Value: 75 (fit in more tabs before overflow enables scroll)
* Alternate Modified Value: 0 (disable scroll entirely)
* Default: 100

Looking for some more tips? Go here!

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