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Monday, April 23, 2007

Last Weeks Poll Results and New Changes

Here are the results from last weeks poll:
1st - Bacon Posts (71.4%)
2nd - Video Posts (42.9%)
3rd - Comical and Health Posts (28.6%)
4th - Political, Other and Don't change anything (14.3%)
5th - Tech and Daily News (0%)

I am pumped that Bacon took first and I will continue to make Bacon fact I have a slew of salty swine waiting for you this week. The shocking part of the poll is that no one likes my tech posts (nerd-haters), sooo instead I will now post daily ramblings, funnies, etc and a daily video that may be funny, informational or whatever I feel like. I will post all of these to the Daily SiBlurbs so definitely remember to check these out at the end of the day. Many of the links to this daily post are stuff I would love to write about, but unfortunately I have a J-O-B. I will continue to post important tech related news even if you like it or not...and that is because I am a nerd!

Zach will continue to cover the health stuff because I can be a very unhealthy individual at some times (or most times).....And between the two of us I am sure we can dig up a few political posts to get everyone a little riled up. Oh ya!...and maybe some more Top Tens, Chuck Norris and Ninjas!

Any more requests can be sent to us via email.

1 comment:

Paige said...

Maybe you should share with us the history of bacon. Where is comes from on the pig, how it's cured, how it came to America, etc....

And maybe some interesting facts along with it?