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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A little Known Fact about Simon And Chuck Norris!

One day a former friend asked me, "Who do you think would win between Mr. T and Chuck Norris?" The words barely made it from his mouth before a fatal roundhouse crushed his face. True story! Mr. T chimed in, "I pity the fool..." and they chuckled and High-Fived. The magnitude of their hand's colliding unfurled the most colossal event yielding changes in 'earth, wind and fire', a mediocre band, and the birth of brother Simon.

So to this day Simon has super human strength. I repeat, don't test him! I once saw him destroy The Ultimate Warrior and Micael Bolton with two back to back double roundhouse kicks while simultaneously beating Super Mario 3 and humming Stairway to Heaven on his Harmonica. It was one of those Harmonica's that sits on your face while you play.

It's reported that the first double round house to Michael Bolton's face made him straight. Unfortunately the second killed him and crumpled John Tesh's saxophone!


Simon said...


Ya! ...and if you don't know, now you know, sucka!

Luke said...

Mr. Norris also sang the theme song to Walker Texas Ranger, "When the eyes of a ranger are upon you . . ."