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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Modern Drunkard: Drinking Game Installment1!

The first drinking game in a series from Modern Drunkard Magazine is out! The game goes like this:
  1. Two able bodied drinkers blinded by bandannas and cloaked in fury are seated across from each other at a dimly lit table with a 12 pack of beer in the middle.
  2. The gamemaster shakes a random beer and places it in with the 12 pack and promptly shuffles the barley beverages.
  3. The fiery drinkers trade off snagging beer and placing it at their lips. The crowd must then cheer 'Dau, Dau, Dau...'
  4. Promptly pop the top! If the beer explodes in your face you lose. If not continue to slam the beer.
  5. Continue the spar until a loser is distinguished, covered in beer and heckled.
  6. Seat another contestant and continue until the 12 pack or case is finshed!
A sure crowd pleaser!


Luke said...

As if I needed more reasons to drink, I need to re-start my subscrip, that was one of the coolest magazines ever!

Zach said...

Yes it is Luke and you can always check it out online! I prefer the game where everyone just starts grabbing and chugging. Whoever gets the most down first wins. That's the rule I think should be used! It's more fun to watch!