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Friday, April 20, 2007

Mustache Nose Cups

Ever wanted to know what your sister would look like with a big nose and a mustache? Me too! But instead of expensive plastic surgery and a strict diet of Rogaine and steroids, simply purchase these Mustache Nose Cups!


Zach said...

I've been on this Blog since day one and honestly this is the best post I have ever seen! I've been thinking about growing a mustache out just for the fantasy and pure fun despite the social stigma. I think I have ink on my face anyways from my test this morning

Zach said...

Seriously this is the coolest blog ever in the history of the universe!

Simon said...

Ya, for those of us that can't grow wicked mustaches like Magnum PI, this is a great way to see how we would look!

Zach said...

honestly I can't help but comment on this! I really have nothing to say other than WOW! I imagine I'll post more comments as the day goes on because I am so enthralled with this.


Simon said...

I fixed the link so it goes to the actual product page....Doh!

If they sold these in bulk and bigger sizes I think I would have to stock up for parties!