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Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Online Apps


MediaMax - When you can store all of your data on the web, who needs much of a Hard Drive. MediaMax allows you to store all of your Music, Videos, Pictures and other data for a free or affordable price. Not only can you store this data on MediaMax but you can also play, watch or view it on there too.

Free Account:
25GB Total Space
1GB Downloads a Month
10MB Downloadable File Size

Premium Account - 4.95/Month:
100GB Total Space
10GB Downloads a Month
1GB Downloadable File Size

Elite - 9.95/Month:
250GB Total Space
25GB Downloads a Month
Unlimited Downloadable File Size

Professional - 29.95/Month:
1000GB Total Space
100GB Downloads a Month
Unlimited Downloadable File Size

MediaMaster - After figuring out that I could not play any of my mp3s larger than 10MB on MediaMax (with the free account) I decided to go find a site that could. MediaMaster was recommended and it is awesome! It uploaded my music faster, plays it from their website, creates a radio station for my music and currently has no limit to how much storage space you use (soon it will be set at 4GB). Now I can listen to all of my music from any computer!

Photo Editors

Fauxto - An amazing photo editor service with layers, canvas size, free transform, and other Photoshop-like capabilities. Fauxto is the most advanced and Photoshop-like online image editor available online—until until Adobe's own launch of a web-based version of the image-editing behemoth appears in a few months. If you don't have the megabucks and megabytes for Photoshop, give Fauxto a try. Taken From Extreme Tech

Picnik - Picnik has the nicest, most Web 2.0 interface of the bunch in online image editors. No signup; the best looking interface; good integration with Flickr and Picasa web albums; bookmarklet for easiliy getting web images for editing; fun and useful creative tools. Taken From Extreme Tech

Online Organizers

Google Homepage - One of my favorite new finds. This new organizer from Google allows you to add small gadgets/widgets to your Google page like news links, weather reports, calendar, email, to-do lists, and whatever else you can think of. You can pretty much find a gadget or widget for anything you are looking for.

Netvibes - I just found out about this site the other day. It is the exact same thing as Google Homepage but it is nicer looking and easier to use.....they might have me switching soon.


Portableapps - Now you can take all of your favorite applications with you on a flash drive. This site specializes in portable versions of all of your favorite apps. For example you can take Firefox with you everywhere and with all of your extensions and bookmarks!

Clipperz - This one I am a little sketchy about..... The basic idea is that Clipperz stores all of your online passwords, credit card numbers and other important data in their databases so that it can be accessed from any computer.
Clipperz exploits the capabilities of modern browsers to efficiently execute Javascript code. All your private information are locally encrypted before storing them on Clipperz servers. So you don't need to trust Clipperz because you are just giving Clipperz a bunch of scrambled and twisted bits.

So...does this mean I am going throw away that pile of SOX compliant sticky notes behind my computer? no. Does it mean I might give Clipperz a try for a few of my less important passwords? sure, why not.


Paige said...

Why I thought of you when I saw this, I don't know....

Simon said...

Peeps for Passover - Irreverent to the post, but hilarious! My fav has to be "plague 10: death of firstborn"

Tara said...

An alternative to Clipperz is PassPack. In addition to what clipperz offers,a we also add an anti-phishing mechanism - very important so you don't "accidentally" give away the master password to ... well, you're entire online life.

Also, it's not just for passwords, you can store registration numbers, software keys, codes, passport number, frequent flyers, your fed-ex account number, notes and even just private links... you name it.

PassPack helps you keep it all organized, and you can easily tag and find your stuff.

Tara said...

Ooops, sorry, I forgot the link:

Simon said...

Thanks I will have to check it out!

Tara (PassPack) said...

Thanks Simon, I hope you've managed to try it out. Please let me know what you think!

Just an update, we've *just* added a new One Time Password feature that makes connecting to PassPack from a public terminal more secure: