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Monday, April 23, 2007

Online Dating: Outside the Box!

In "The Week" magazine I came across some nontraditional online dating sites. They look promising! - Choose your next in-flight seatmate based on online profiles! It Definitely ups your chances for some in-flight romance. - Use the internet to scan the Galaxy for a date! Free Sci Fi dating and networking. Set your dating prospects criteria based on their favorite Star Trek character or best episode of Dr. Who. - Accepts only good looking members. Apparently it promises no "ugly, unattractive, desperate fatsos." You get to vote on new prospective members. If they don't meet the minimum requirements then they get booted from the site.

I'm going to put up a new online dating site that will sort and match all members using the basic criteria of favorite Chuck Norris movie, favorite Chuck Norris hairstyle, favorite Chuck Norris roundhouse kick, and finally based upon their score to the Chuck Norris Worthiness Test. This is just to celebrate 10 Days of Chuck Norris!