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Friday, April 13, 2007

Peek Squad

Geek Squad employee Hao Kuo Chi was arrested for using a cell phone to tape a women taking a shower.

Geek Sued For Peeking At Woman In Shower Via Video

(CBS) POMONA, Calif. A woman and her mother Wednesday sued Best Buy Stores after a technician from a computer company allegedly recommended by an employee of the electronics firm videotaped the woman taking a shower.

Sarah Vasquez and her mother, Natalie Fornaciari of Walnut, filed the lawsuit in Pomona Superior Court, alleging fraud, negligent misrepresentation, negligent hiring, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional
distress. They are seeking general, compensatory and punitive damages.

Best Buy officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

According to the suit, Fornaciari went to the Best Buy store in Industry on March 2 and asked an employee about getting her computer repaired. The employee gave her a brochure directing her to call a company called Geek Squad,
the lawsuit stated.

A Geek Squad employee, Hao Kuo Chi, allegedly used a cell phone to videotape Vasquez when he went to the Fornaciari home on March 4, the lawsuit stated.

A review of the phone's chip, which was removed by Vasquez's younger sister, showed Vasquez showering, according to the lawsuit.

Chi later tried to get the chip back, offering a discount for his services if they returned it to them, the lawsuit stated.

Chi was later arrested, the lawsuit stated. He and Geek Squad also are defendants in the lawsuit.

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