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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Peeps for Passover

Thanks for the post Paige!

For Easter I present - Peeps For Passover. This small photoset explores the Plagues of Passover with everyones favorite marshmallow delights...Peeps. My fav is Plague 10, those little baby Peeps are hilarious!

Plague 1 - River of Blood

Plague 2 - Frogs

Plague 3 - Lice

Plague 4 - Flies

Plague 5 - Disease to Livestock

Plague 6 - Boils

Plague 7 - Hail of Fire

Plague 8 - Locusts

Plague 9 - Darkness

Plague 10 - Death of the Firstborn


Luke said...

Oh Peeps, is there anything tey can't be used to explain? Hail of Fire is the best, oh and Kermit doesn't eat the heads because he is a true gentleman

Simon said...

Heh, good point