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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Red vs. Blue: Blood Gulch Chronicles Coming to an End

I know I have posted stuff in the past about the Red vs. Blue series and no one has made any comments because no one really cares....well I am going to do it again. Red vs. Blue is a machinima comic science fiction video series created by Rooster Teeth Productions that started many moons ago with Halo 1. Since it has started it has pumped out 4 complete seasons (plus a spin-off) and is now on its 5th. Season 5 and the the whole "Blood Gulch Chronicles" series will end at episode 100 (They are currently at episode 94). Don't worry I am sure there will be another series from these guys soon!
So say one night you are completely bored and you have already watched those Friends seasons 1-10 DVDs too many times, then I have the solution for you! Just watch each one of these seasons below to get caught up on one of the greatest gamer/geek shows ever! It is funny. It is suspenseful. It is stupid. And it is Halo. Watch it!

Season 1 - Kinda choppy but you can follow it...and the characters are not quite developed yet

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5 - Episodes 78-92. You can find the newest episodes (93 & 94) at the Red vs. Blue homepage

Mini-Series: Out of Mind


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