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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Roofie'd No More!!

Have you ever been in the bar and trusted someone a little too much to get a drink for you and then next thing you remember is....well, nothing? I have. And thanks to Simon, my trusty friend who happened to be with me that night, we have a solution: Spikey Drink Spiking Stopper.

"Spikey is a small plastic single use stopper that prevents your drink from being spiked when left unattended. The device is inserted into the neck of a bottle, leaving a hole that is only big enough for a straw to pass through. Naturally, this would make it much more difficult to slip drugs or alcohol into the drink."

So, next time you're at that bar, it's better to be safe than sorry! Spikey Stop your drink today!!

For more information about Date Rape Drugs, please visit the following sites.


Simon said...

Good idea for beers, wine coolers and hard lemonade, but what about mixed drinks and cocktails?

What if you just want to drink from the bottle and not from a straw?

Is it easy and clean to get out?

So many questions!

Luke said...

Simon once saved me from getting roofied, then he took me home and had his way with me. Simon you never need to roofie me, I am all yours!!

Paige said...

oh my goodness! so many questions! I'd say the best way to prevent getting drugged is to follow the guy/gal to the bar and watch the bartender poor the drink in front of you. Then, never leave your drink unattended, even if you're with friends. They'll forget it's there, too!!

If you buy them in bulk, they are cheaper, so my guess is they are disposable! But they couldn't be too hard to get out.

Walt said...

No memory of previous nights events! I get roofied all the time.

Another solution is don't ever go out. Ever!

Zach said...

If somebody goes to the bar to get you a drink they could still put roofies in it before you put your slinky thing on it. So threaten everone in advance by telling them the story about how one time somebody put a roofy in your drink and Chuck Norris put a Fist throught their face!

Paige said...


That's why you go to the bar WITH them, Zach....Silly silly boy.

Chuck Norris is my hero!

Simon said...

ahh, Luke you are such a sweetheart!

Simon said...


hahaha good point! I think some of us would not even know if we got Roofie'd because it would just be like another night aboard the blackout train