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Friday, May 4, 2007

Tampon Taser

Another handy device for women
The Pink Stinger packs 50,000 volts of power at your finger tips. Because it is an advanced taser gun, you do have the option of stun or taser capabilities with a simple click of a switch. In the Stun setting, you need only make contact with intended target via the 2 prods for an effective toxic shock rendering the victim disoriented, demoralized and embarrassed .

When shooting in Taser mode, 2 extra absorbent cotton tampons with barbed probes and 12 ft. of wire are expelled and propelled by compressed nitrogen. Electric current then passes to the body, where the probes have attach to the clothing or bare skin, causing central nervous system disruption, possible urination and certain humiliation.


Paige said... I'm speechless.

Simon said...

Ya just don't get them confused with your real ones....hehe :-)

Paige said...


Zach said...

Emailed this to my friends down here! Big hit!!