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Friday, April 13, 2007

This Week in Health, Fitness and Science

Weird but interesting: The 'Piss Shiver' or Post Micturition Convulsion Syndrome is phenomenon that men experience after urinating that feels like a shiver running down the spine. The 'Piss Shiver' is a form of myoclonus (a brief shock like jerk) and hypothesized to be caused by the Parasympathetic Nervous System which is responsible for relaxation. According to Wikipedia, and fellow men, the 'Piss Shiver' is accompanied by a temporary rise in blood pressure and euphoria. This creates a most pleasant and euphoric experience unless of course your at the giant public urinals you would find in a stadium where the 'Piss Shiver' can threaten or may cause you to 'cross streams' with your neighbor posing imminent danger!

Feedback: Guys and Gals, leave a comment below. Have you ever experienced a 'Piss Shiver'? Let the SiBlog know what it felt like and what you thought!

A Good Week for:

  • Aliens: New images from Mars appear to show worm trails and domes that may have been left behind by some far out space creatures. We're not alone! I have to admit I'm still confused where Alf came from.
  • Privacy: Engineers state they are closer to creating an invisibility cloak that hides the contained contents by guiding light around the 'cloak'.
  • Smokers since nicotine and caffeine have been linked to a reduced occurrence of Parkinson's disease and increased cognitive ability among patients with Alzheimer's disease.
  • The Outdoorsmen in you: Google earth has just added hiking trails as a new layer to it's web tool. Apparently it's up to date with thousands of trails.
A Bad Week for:
  • Urogenital Bacteria as a new study has demonstrated that 'Forskolin', an Indian herb, may alleviate urinary tract infections. 'Forskolin' is proposed to help cells flush nasty bacteria from the urinary system.
**'This week in health, science, and fitness' is a quick blurb that attempts to summarize interesting and funny advances in health, science and fitness. The web sites and articles featured are not necessarily fact, but perhaps odd advances in current research in the aforementioned categories. Hopefully they bring a twinkle to your eye!


Simon said...

Sweet! I have been waiting years for an invisibility cloak, now those scientists need to get working on my Hover-board!

Simon said...

...oh and regarding Post Micturition Convulsion Syndrome, I experience this quite frequently

Zach said...

Me too! Kind of makes you worry your going to miss the toilet!

Luke said...

It is a little known fact that this is where the term "Shiver Me Timbers!" comes from, it was an old pirate warning that a shiver was coming on so the other pirates could "Batten down the hatches" because pee was gonna be flying all over. Oh and ALF is from Melmac!

Zach said...

Nice luke! Next time I'm out on the lake. YOu know what I'm saying!!