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Thursday, April 19, 2007

What Blogs do you Read?

Readers, I need your help! I read about 6-8 blogs/sites a day to help keep me up to date on the buzz around the internet. From these blogs/sites I get inspiration and ideas for posts to my blog. I want to know what blogs/sites you read! I know you don't just get your information from me...because that would be scary! There are some great sites out there that offer a lot of content and information, I want to know about them! I am sure there are a few jewels that I don't know about! I also think there are some silent readers out there that don't ever comment and would like to hear from them too! Tell me!


Kent said...

I read several blogs every day, and some of my favorites are:

and, just to look everyday at the things i will never, ever be able to buy.

Simon said...

Thanks, I will have to add dethroner and bornrich to my list

Paige said...

I read a couple different ones, too..but some that are girly and may not interest you. Here are some that may: (girly but she has awesome links...where I've found some of the bacon ones)

There are also a couple celebrity gossip ones I read, too.

Sometimes they have interesting stories.

Simon said...

Very nice as well. I add a few of those to my list of blogs to visit!