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Monday, May 7, 2007

Appaloosa Grill

5280 Magazine calls Appaloosa Grill "The Oasis on the Mall" and based upon my experience there last night, I couldn't agree more. As I was introduced to this bar, it welcomed me into a rich intimate setting, with Swinging Blue's music that you wouldn't believe. With the rich wood of the bar, the long white beards of the musicians, it feels as if you're stepping into the deep south. At least last night it did. But the Appaloosa doesn't only offer Swinging Blue's music. With Jazz and Reggae bands, each night of the week could offer a different vibe.

With a diverse menu and an eager staff, any customer is sure to be satisfied after their experience with Appaloosa. We happened to have their Sliders and Nails last night (mini hamburgers) and they were incredible. The bar tender was willing to create different drinks for us, accommodating us like we were old friends. Sitting back in their deep burgundy high backed booths watching the musicians jam on their harmonicas and guitars felt like I was in the middle of a dream. The ambiance in there is incredible.
After doing some history on the bar, I learned that Mayor John Hickenlooper is the owner and the name Appaloosa after the much sought-after and desired horse. The Appaloosa is known for their intelligence, speed, endurance, and most importantly, beauty so the bar's website says. I feel that this quaint bar and grill is exactly that. Something that is sought after for it's beauty and charm. This is the perfect place to end a night in Denver.


Luke said...

Does a beer cost over $2? If so than the "ambience" better be strippers!

Zach said...

Nice post Paige, I like it! Sounds like a fun bar and I'm excited for the new Denver, Dining and Nightlife column to help broaden my bar hopping repertoire. I think it will be a big hit!!